A real CSI talks about some of his cases

What's it's about:
Machine guns, safe-blowers, sadomasochists, pythons and flesh-eating viruses, all in a day’s work for Scenes of Crime Officer (SOCO) Larry Henderson who, in 999 CSI provides an unforgettable insight into a life dedicated to forensics. 

Larry, whose career with London’s Metropolitan Police started in 1971, a time when police officers were more than a little sceptical of science, soon proved his worth and attended every kind of crime scene, from terrorism to rape and from blackmail to murder - before he became the head of the Flying Squad’s forensic team during the busiest and most dangerous period of the legendary outfit’s existence. Soon, Larry was caught up in shoot-outs, pavement ambushes, record-breaking drug deals and tiger kidnappings, confronting some of the UK’s most terrifying villains along the way. 

Larry’s groundbreaking work features some of the UK’s most notorious crimes - a key piece of forensic evidence from one of Larry’s murder cases is displayed at Scotland Yard’s infamous Crime Museum. At turns breathtaking, fascinating, hilarious and tragic, 999 CSI opens up a truly astonishing world that most people never get to see, a world filled with cruelty, matched only by the courage of those who work tirelessly for justice

My thoughts:
This book definitely deserves the five stars I give it, because it shows what the author himself went through and how he wasn't afraid of going out and helping his fellow police officers , it shows how hard not just the CSI's work but the police as well, while there was a serious touch to the book there was also so some cases that made me laugh. I can definitely see Larry Henderson on a TV channel like Descovery Id talking about his cases, and the groundbreaking work he and his fellow offers did.other thing I love about this book is how the different chapters are broken down by the years the cases took place.With that said I would love to say thinks to NetGalley for giving me a chance at reading what turned out to be a really great book.