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Here at  Spooky's House Of Books your find a mixture of different type of books , because I love to just about anything that has to do with James Rollings and Clive Cussler,paranormal romance,science-fiction,dystopian,young adult,LGBT(gay and ménage- romance),historical romance,history,mysteres,suspense,thrillers,horror,true crime,literature classes, mythology. And theses are  badges that I got  from NetGalley.

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4.5 stars
Wolf SlayerBy:Jane Godman4.5 starsWhat it's about:Kyle Madden is the cop in charge of the elite task force hunting a murderer known as the Cage Killer. He is also a werewolf a...
A real CSI talks about some of his cases
999 CSI: Blood, Threats and FearsBy:Larry HendersonNon-FictionRating:5 starts What's it's about:Machine guns, safe-blowers, sadomasochists, pythons and flesh-eating viruses, a...
To easy to guess who the killer is
The Beekeeperby:Stewart Giles3.5 starswhat's its about:A shocking discovery starts a trail of mayhem on the Cornish coast.Alice Green is a beekeeper in the small Cornish villa...
loved it, must read, but don't go back in to the water
Shark Island by:Chris Jamesonhorror what's its about:A shark attack survivor believes she has already lived through her worst nightmare. She'...
DNF 100%, boring, dull, and dry
Shooting Lincoln: Mathew Brady, Alexander Gardner, and the Race to Photograph the Story of the CenturyBy : Nicholas PistorNon fictionDNF 100%What's it's aboutMatthew Brady and...
Loved it ,
SEAL GuardianBook 3 in the Brothers Of Arms TrilogyBy:Leslie NorthRomance : suspenseRating: 5 starWhat's it about:Ex-Navy SEAL Jace Stevens has never shied away from trouble a...
text: Update to 2017 Around The Year in 52 books
Challenges done :35 8/2/17 Week 29: a book published outside the 4 major publishing houses In February 1959, a group of nine experienced hikers in the Russian Ural Mountain...
Five stars , loved it , must read
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some books are the same as the books for Booktube a thon , while there was some where changed out 1: read a book where the author's name begins with a S 2 read a book from ...
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1: read a book with a person on the cover :(2) ARC Netgalley five stars 7/24/17, 7/26/17 five stars 2: read a hyped book: ARC NetGalley 5 stars 7/24/17 3:finish a book in a ...
4.5 stars
The Devil's ColonyBy:Bill SchweigartWhat's it's about:The greatest monster is man. From the author of The Beast of Barcroft and Northwoods comes a chilling descent into the de...
text: Update on my reading a thons
Booktube athon 1: read a book with a person on the cover :(2) ARC Netgalley five stars 7/24/17, 7/26/17 five stars 2: read a hyped book: ARC NetGalley 5 stars 3:finish a book ...
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Some of my Booktube a thon books fits the challenges for my read your e reader a thon So I'm also counting them for that . Booktube A Thon 7/24/17-7/30/17 Challenges: 1/ Read ...
Too much going on in the story line
Body of the Crime Jennifer Chase3.5 starsThrillerWhat was it about:Three grisly murders linked to five old cold cases, dubbed the Flower Girl Murders, pushes detectives to the...
text: Update on my reading a thons
'm doing 2 read a thons which starts tonight at 12:00am Booktube A Thon 7/24/17-7/30/17 Challenges: ✔1/ Read a book with a person on the cover(ARC NetGalley) Romance: 7/24/17 ...