Booktube a thong and Read Your E-reader a thon( update)4 books done:

Some of my Booktube a thon books fits the challenges for my read your e reader a thon

So I'm also counting them for that .

Booktube A Thon



1/ Read a book with a person on the cover: (ARC NetGalley) Romance: 7/24/27 five stars
2/ Read a hyped book.(ARC NetGalley) Thriller 7/24/17 five stars
✔3/ Finish a book in one day..( Kindle book)( Paranormal & Urban)7/25/17 4 stars 
✔4/ Read about a character that is very different from you.( ARC NetGalley) Thriller 7/25/17 3.5 stars
5/ Finish a book completely outdoors. (Kindle ) horror
6/ Read a book you bought because of the cover. ( Harlequin romance)
7/ Read seven books.( paper back) Western ( this could also count for challenge 1 )


Read Your E Reader a thon


✔1:Read a book where the authors name begins with the letter S:( crossover from Booktube athon) Kindle book
2:read your favorite summer genre:( Thriller) Kindle book,  7/24/17 7/25/17
3:read a book that takes place doing the summer time:.( Horror)( Kindle book)
4:read a book with summer colors,items,or sunshine on the cover:( cozy mystery)(nook)
5:read a book about a trip to the beach or ocean ( crossover from Booktube athon)(Kindle) horror
6:read a sizzling hot romance: (.ARC NetGalley )( Harlequin Romance),7/24/17
7:long summer day-to-day read a book that finially finishes a series:  ( Kindle) horror( has all 8 books in the series)


Steamy hot romance: 1

Thrillers 1