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Scars of Independence America's Violent Birth by Holger Hoock
Scars of Independence: America's Violent Birth
By:Holger Hoock

What's it's about:
magisterial new work that rewrites the story of America’s founding

The American Revolution is often portrayed as an orderly, restrained rebellion, with brave patriots defending their noble ideals against an oppressive empire. It’s a stirring narrative, and one the founders did their best to encourage after the war. But as historian Holger Hoock shows in this deeply researched and elegantly written account of America’s founding, the Revolution was not only a high-minded battle over principles, but also a profoundly violent civil war—one that shaped the nation, and the British Empire, in ways we have only begun to understand.

In Scars of Independence, Hoock writes the violence back into the story of the Revolution. American Patriots persecuted and tortured Loyalists. British troops massacred enemy soldiers and raped colonial women. Prisoners were starved on disease-ridden ships and in subterranean cells. African-Americans fighting for or against independence suffered disproportionately, and Washington’s army waged a genocidal campaign against the Iroquois. In vivid, authoritative prose, Hoock’s new reckoning also examines the moral dilemmas posed by this all-pervasive violence, as the British found themselves torn between unlimited war and restraint toward fellow subjects, while the Patriots documented war crimes in an ingenious effort to unify the fledgling nation.

For two centuries we have whitewashed this history of the Revolution. Scars of Independence forces a more honest appraisal, revealing the inherent tensions between moral purpose and violent tendencies in America’s past. In so doing, it offers a new origins story that is both relevant and necessary—an important reminder that forging a nation is rarely bloodless.

My Thoughts
5 stars
The perfect book to finish reading on July the 4th or any time you want to read about our history and our past, Mr.Hoock has a way that brings this story to life , it's like you can see and feel every thing they went through, it brings to life how colonial citizens split between Loyalists, Rebels and those who just wanted to be left alone. , How prisoners during the revolutionary war, with examples including Loyalist and British subjects was imprisoned in an abandoned mine in Connecticut underground, to American patriots serving sentences aboard the HMS Jersey in New York Harbor, as well as how malnutrition and poor treatment caused many unnecessary deaths for prisoners. It even includes black and white drawings .With that said I would like to say thinks to NetGalley for giving me a chance at read Mr.Hoock's book and find out more about our history,in change for my honest opinion.