A chilling tale

The Sixth Victim (A Constance Piper Mystery #1) by Tessa HarrisWhat's its about:
London s East End, 1888: When darkness falls, terror begins...
The foggy streets of London s Whitechapel district have become a nocturnal hunting ground for Jack the Ripper, and no woman is safe. Flower girl Constance Piper is not immune to dread, but she is more preoccupied with her own strange experiences of late.
Clairvoyants seem to be everywhere these days. Constance s mother has found comfort in contacting her late father in a seance. But are such powers real? And could Constance really be possessed of second sight? She longs for the wise counsel of her mentor and champion of the poor, Emily Tindall, but the kind missionary has gone missing.
Following the latest grisly discovery, Constance is contacted by a high-born lady of means who fears the victim may be her missing sister. She implores Constance to use her clairvoyance to help solve the crime, which the press is calling the Whitechapel Mystery, attributing the murder to the Ripper.
As Constance becomes embroiled in intrigue far more sinister than she could have imagined, assistance comes in a startling manner that profoundly challenges her assumptions about the nature of reality. She ll need all the help she can get because there may be more than one depraved killer out there...

My thoughts:
Five stars
First off I want to say it took me awhile to get into the story, and that it wasn't the story fault or how it was written, because I had to keep putting it down , and the reason is because I kept having a migraine headache, and with those I just don't feel like reading, but once it was gone and I re picked it up ,I was instantly pulled into the story, so.what did I love about:

1: the point of views from Emily Tindall and Constance Piper
2: time period 1888 London
3: the twist on the Jack the Ripper case
4:of anything that deals with Jack the Ripper I knew I'm going to love or at least like.
5: Clairvoyant aspect

What I hated: no thing
This story has everything I love about a thriller, it's reach's out and grabs you and pulls you in and won't let go, it.keeps you on the edge of your set .With that said I would love to.say thinks to NetGalley as well as to Kensington Books for giving me a.change at reading​ what turned out to be a really great book in a change for my honest opinion which this is.can't wait to buy a copy.of it.