My Thoughts on books Iveread so far in 2017 ( January) part 4


by W W  Mortensen

ARC: NetGalley ( kept)

What is it about:

Deep in the Amazon, the solution to the global energy crisis has been found; a mysterious source of power set to end our dependency on oil.

When she receives stunning photographs related to the discovery – courtesy of expedition leader and former partner, Ed Reardon – entomologist Rebecca Riley finds herself on the next flight to Brazil, heading down to join the team of scientists assembling there. She hasn’t seen Ed for more than a year, and their relationship hadn’t ended well.

But his revelation is impossible to ignore.

What she and Ed uncover is beyond imagination: strange statues in the jungle… a ruined city built by the refugees of a lost Pacific continent… and a terrifying new species of animal.

Forced to confront a crippling childhood phobia she’d thought long dead and buried, Rebecca realises this new species is no ordinary enemy.

It is an ancient enemy, one whose very existence has implications for all of humankind… and the planet itself.

What did I think:
My rating: 5
OMG this book was and is a great read, it had me hooked from the very start to the very end, as well as sitting on the edge of my bed, so glad that I picked it up, and as soon. I can I'm picking up a copy to add to my library. Once again thinks NetGalley for helping me find a new book as well as a new author to check out, all so I would like to say I was giving a chance at reading it in a change for my honest opinion and this is 100 % my honest opinion,also on a side note don't pick this up if you want to sleep a night.


The Girl on the Stairs

by V.J. Chambers

old title: Rough Edges

kindle book ( kept)


What is it about:
Has the killer escaped prison... or was she never caught?

True crime writer Samson Black remembers the trial and the headlines... twelve-year-old Lola Ward cowering on the stairs, paralyzed by fear, while Nicholas Todd murdered her parents and took her hostage. She barely escaped with her life and later testified against Todd. Nicholas Todd told a very different story. A preposterous tale of a diabolical twelve-year-old with nerves of steel. Nicholas Todd went to prison.

Eleven years later, Lola’s all grown up—brash, confident, and alluring. She’s ready to tell her story, and she wants Samson Black to write it. Samson would love to reveal the truth about that fateful night and resurrect his flagging career. But before he can make sense of Lola’s twisty tale, Todd escapes from prison, seeking revenge against the woman-child who betrayed him.

Now, Sam’s life is in danger. But from who? The escaped con hot on his heels, or the woman at his side

What did I think:
My Rating: 4
This would of been a five but it kind of reminds me of a ARC called Moral Defense By Marcia Clarkwhich I read last year, both is about a young girl who loses her family to murder.But there are other similar aspects as well, to find out what I mean you just have to pick up both of them and read them.


Kindle book ( deleted)


What is it about.
May 1975, at the height of the Cold War, the Soviet Union strategically buried 32 briefcase sized nuclear weapons in and around prominent civilian targets in the United States.

It also happened to be Michael Forsythe's first month on the job as an FBI agent.

Thirty-eight years later, Forsythe is just weeks from retirement when he learns an old KGB friend has surfaced in the company of Muslim extremists. When Forsythe discovers his friend was originally responsible for burying most of the nuclear weapons on US soil, he suddenly becomes involved in a deadly game of cat-and-mouse that threatens to destroy all he holds dear.

Now its a desperate race against time

What did I think
My rating: 1
I just couldn't get in to it at all.

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