2017 Around The Year in 52 Books / notes

Fringe by J.J.Adams


 What the book is about:Fringe, a self-taught genius named Peter Bishop and FBI agent Olivia Dunham team up to investigate paranormal activity. They seek help from Bishop’s father, Walter, a brilliant (but possibly insane) scientist who is being held in a mental institution. Fringe explores mysteries of the paranormal as well as the relationships between the characters, and is steeped in mythology.
Fringe is an American science fiction television series created by J. J. Abrams, Alex Kurtzman, and Roberto Orci. The series follows Olivia Dunham, Peter Bishop, and Walter Bishop, all members of the fictional Fringe Division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, based in Boston,Massachusetts, under the supervision of Homeland Security. The team uses fringe science and FBI investigative techniques to investigate a series of unexplained, often ghastly occurrences, which are related to mysteries surrounding a parallel universe. The series has been described as a hybrid of The X-Files, Altered States, and The Twilight Zone.
The series format combines elements from procedural dramas and serials. The series began as a more traditional mystery-of-the-week series and became more serialized in later seasons. A majority of episodes contain a standalone plot, with several episodes also exploring the series' overarching mythology.
Early critical reception of the first season was lukewarm but became more favorable in subsequent seasons, when the series began to explore its mythology, including parallel universes and alternate timelines. The show, as well as the cast and crew, has been nominated for many major awards.
My rating: 2 stars
Kept/deleted: deleted
Why: the book is completely sporilers of the TV show from season 1-4( haven't seen all the shows even though I do own season 1-3 on DVD )
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