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Zulu Dawn - Cy Enfield

22 January 1879. Across the slopes of Isandhlwana, there came the sound of thunder.

Assegai shafts pound against drum-tight shields.

Fifty thousand voices cry in one dread voice the Zulu word for ‘kill’: ‘U-SU-THU! U-SU-THU!’

Against the sweeping landscapes of Southern Africa, Lord Chelmsford’s army of eight thousand soldiers moves inexorably into Zululand.

Their aim: to subdue a proud and unyielding warrior nation.

But what starts as an imperial adventure turns into one of the bloodiest episodes in African history. It becomes a struggle to the death between Chelmsford’s Redcoats and a fearsome army of fifty thousand Zulus, fighting for their nationhood and birth right.

Lieutenant William Vereker is young, light-hearted and keen for war.

However, seeing the torture and slaying of Zulu warriors at the hands of his comrades hits Vereker hard.

Yet his determination to fight for his Queen and Country is unwavering.

Lieutenant Coghill firmly believes in the great destiny of the British Empire, whilst his close friend Lieutenant Melvill thinks the army need to get the Zulus before the Zulus get them.

Can these young officers survive that fateful day on the slopes of Isandhlwana

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5 stars
Frist off I have to say I can't believe that I didn't know this book was a round to read, because I grew up watching the movie , in fact its one of my all time favorites to watch, for those who don't know there's a movie called Zulu Dawn that came out in 1978 , here is a link to see what I'm talking about:
I do have to say that while its kind of like the movie is all so different in a lot of ways. Its captivating and while its not a casual type of read it is a like into the history of the Zulu's and their way of life , if you've seen the movie then you have to pick up this book and read it for yourself and if you haven't done either then you need to do both. With that said would love to say thinks to Netgalley for once again giving me a chance at reading a really great book, in a change for my 100% honest opinion,