She's done it again

Moral Defense (Samantha Brinkman) - Marcia Clark

For defense attorney Samantha Brinkman, it’s not about guilt or innocence—it’s about making sure her clients walk.
In the follow-up to bestselling Blood Defense, Samantha is hired as the legal advocate for Cassie Sonnenberg after a brutal stabbing left the teenager’s father and brother dead, and her mother barely clinging to life. It’s a tabloid-ready case that has the nation in an uproar—and Sam facing her biggest challenge yet. Why did Cassie survive? Is she hiding something?
As Sam digs in to find the answers, she’s surprised to find herself identifying with Cassie, becoming more and more personally entangled in the case. But when Sam finally discovers the reason for that kinship, she faces a choice she never imagined she’d have to make

What did I think of it:

5 stars

Have to say that Marcia Clark has done it again , what a really great a second book to her series Samantha Brinkman, first off I want to say that I didn't even know that a second book was coming out and that I so going to have to get it when it does to add it on my shelf with book one, plus can I say that I'm still loving the main characters Samantha , her best friend and Alex, loving seen the interaction between Samantha and her new found father, other things I love is how the story flows together while at the same time it does tough up on some really difficult topics like harassment, molestation, teacher and student having a sexual relationship, trafficking, crooked copes and a lot more, that it makes the story seem more real , once I started to read I was pulled into it and was hooked , there was no way I could stop it had me on the edge of my set, can't wait to see what happens next, with that said I would love with that said I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion and review and that these are 100 % my own thoughts