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Evil Angels: The Case of Lindy Chamberlain - John Bryson

The basis for the Meryl Streep film A Cry in the Dark: The dramatic true story of a mother’s worst nightmare and the murder trial that shocked Australia.

On a camping trip at Ayer’s Rock, the Chamberlain family’s infant daughter disappeared in the middle of the night. Her distraught mother, Lindy, claimed she saw a dingo carry her off into the Australian outback. Two years later, their tragedy worsened when, without a murder weapon, a body, or even a motive, a jury convicted Lindy Chamberlain of killing her own daughter. The public cheered.
John Bryson, a trial lawyer and award-winning journalist, deconstructs the factors that led to a seemingly reasonless incarceration and the public attitude that demanded it. With this book, he began to sway popular opinion in the Chamberlains’ favor by discussing the failures on the part of the police, forensics team, and press.
Winner of the CWA Golden Dagger award and the inspiration for the film A Cry in the Dark starring Meryl Streep, Evil Angels presents an impartial analysis of the most notorious miscarriage of justice in Australian history. It serves as a reminder of the dangers of blindly searching for a conviction, the importance of scientific accuracy, the volatility of the media, and the ease with which a nation can fall prey to bigoted thinking. Written with literary finesse, this is one of the twentieth century’s most important—and thoughtful—works of true crime

What did I think of it:
5 stars
First off I would like to say that even though this is the first time I ever read this book I do in fact already know a little bit about the case, because even though its been a while and I do mean a while I have seen the movie that come out in 1988 , wit that said lets get to what I thought of the book, while it does take it a while to actually get to where the story starts , you do see how the story unfolds , even while I was reading this I still kept having one thought that kept coming to my mind , why didn't she stay with her baby when she put her to bed that night, she know and in fact saw a dingo in their camp, and why didn't anyone get any wronging about dingo attacks, because there were people who knew about them, in fact the rangers were getting them almost daily about children getting attack, ok so there was a lot of things that was wrong on both sides but still there was things that happened that didn't have to come to pass but did. This book has a way at pulling at your heart and mind , because it shows you want the family went though that night and from the days that followed, it also brings up the question did a dingo actually kill a baby and could they do it, or did in fact did the mother do it , Mr. Bryson has a way with this story that as your reading it you can see what is going on before your very eyes or at lest I think so, it like your reading it and a movie is playing before your very eyes , were you can see and feel as well as hear what is going on , and your hoping that they find baby Chamberlain and bring her back to her mom and dad ,but a part of you also already knows that's its to late for her, this is a book that I think everyone should read at lest once in their life time. With that said I would also love to say that I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion and review and that these are 100 % my own thoughts to what is truly a great book