this might be the best one of the series

SPIRITS OF SEACLIFF MANOR (The Spirit Series Book 4) - Morgan Hannah MacDonald


While restoring an old estate the darkest malevolence known to man is unleashed. Again.

Brandon Barnett has been given the promotion of a lifetime. There’s just one problem; he can’t afford to buy a house in Southern California. Even the apartments cost more than his mortgage.
Then a miracle occurs; a letter arrives informing him he’s inherited the home of his dreams. His grandmother regaled him with stories of summers spent there as a child. Brandon has seen old photographs, the place is magical. It even has a name; Seacliff Manor.


It’s love at first sight for Brandon, not so much for his wife, Alyssa. The humongous estate needs more than a little TLC to make it inhabitable, but he convinces her they can turn into a Bed & Breakfast. The money will help with the upkeep.

Alyssa Barnett couldn’t wait to move to San Diego. From everything she’d heard it’s paradise on earth; it’s on the ocean and the sun shines year round. She just isn’t keen on living in the monstrosity her husband inherited, but he adores it so she’ll try to make it work.


The problems mount daily; faucets turn on by themselves, the lights flicker, and there’s rats in the walls. Workmen disappear. Alyssa’s nights are restless; she wakes with tear stained cheeks, but no memory of why. With her husband traveling for work, that leaves Alyssa to tackle the renovations on her own. She’s thrilled when her sister comes for a visit, but her enthusiasm is short lived when Courtney tries to convince Alyssa the old place is haunted.

A hidden room is discovered, along with it clues to the home’s dark past. Things quickly go from bad to worse. Alyssa begins sleepwalking. When she wakes she finds herself in the most peculiar places with no idea how she got there or what she may have done. Then a horrifying supernatural event occurs that can not be ignored. They have no choice but to call an investigative team.


Jane Spencer and Tim Reeves have been doing paranormal research for many years. When Tim barely escapes with his life, Jane calls The Thibodeux Foundation for assistance. They send Jake Spaulding (A demonologist) and Sara Crow (born with the gift of psychometry- she receives visions when holding certain items.) Together they unearth the deadly truth buried at Seacliff Manor, but can this team banish the evil before someone else is murdered?

What did I think:
OMG I loved this one, and I have to say that this one hands down might be my all time favorite of this series, ok so since I can't make up my mind I'm going with that their all me favorites , I love how in each of the books you get to see the character meet up in the next one and so on, love how there is a touch of the LQTB world in her series as well since one of the characters is gay, love the romance that happens but it doesn't take anything away from the stories and the characters keep getting better each time we see them, once again and I don't know how many time I can say this but Morgan Hannah MacDonald has away of bring her stories to life ,so much so that they reach out and grab you , and when that happens your done for , its like she loves missing with your mind , spirit and heart but in a good way, Their the type of stories that you can pick up and read in any order or just read them from book 1 to book 4 and so on, plus their the perfect type of stories to read when its a stormy day or night, what can I say , if you want a story or series that is creepy, hair rising , and keeps you on your edge of your set or bed then this in the series for you, plus they show you that you sound never mess with stuff that you don't understand, so when you read this one or the other keep in mind that there are things out there that we are never going to understand and that its better to leave it a lone , then have some thing bad happen to you,with that said I would love to say thinks to Morgan Hannah MacDonald for send me a copy of her book to read in a change for my honest opinion, which this is 100% , this series is a must read