Well never Ever go in the sea or ocean or get on a boat after reading this

Blood Cruise: A Deep Sea Thriller - Jake Bible

Ben Clow’s plans are set. Drop off kids, pick up girlfriend, head to the marina, and hop on best friend's cruiser for a weekend of fun at sea. But Ben’s happy plans are about to be changed by a tentacled horror that lurks beneath the waves.

International crime lords! Deep cover black ops agents! A ravenous, bloodsucking monster! A storm of evil and danger conspire to turn Ben Clow's vacation from a fun ocean getaway into a nightmare of a Blood Cruise!


What did I think:

5 stars

OMG so glad that I picked it up, its everything that you would want in a scary, gruesome, read for October, after reading this I'm never going to get in the water or on a boat, it's definitely worth a five star rating, will definitely be checking more of this author's work out, so if you love scary,gruesome , and bloody details, then you need to check this out