Some was good, some was ok and some was a let down

Dark Musings - 11 Stories of the Uncanny - Kevin Rees

11 short stories of gothic horror, dystopian science fiction, a visit to an old story some may recognise and a killer clown.

What did I think of it:
3.4 stars,
Ok so I picked it up because of the cover, for some reason the clown reminds me of the one in It by Stephen King, while some of the stories was creepy there was some that just did make the cut, But I'll be keeping this one to re read the ones I did like:
here are the stories with the rating I giving them:
The Bog Man : 4.5 ( was just a 4 but I went back and re read it and its a 4,5 ; this one remind me of the old black and white Mummy movies , the one from 1932 which has Boris Karloff as Imhotep)

Hoot- A Campfire Tale 5 stars ( not ever going camping after I read this one )

The Green Door- 3 stars

Street Hunt - 1 star

The Five O'clock Shadow- 3 star

Number 11 -3 stars

Qui Venit , Manet - 3 stars

Skintoy 2 -1 star

Mr,Jiggles ( this one is creepy ) -5 stars

The Table- 2 stars

The Sucking Pit:-3 stars