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Forensic Analysis in Criminal Investigations: True Stories of COLD CASES SOLVED (True Crime & History Book 10) by RJ Parker Ph.D. 

With its clear explanations, this book is intended as a guide and reference to forensic techniques for true crime readers, mystery fans, arm-chair sleuths, front-line police officers, criminal attorneys, journalists, and crime authors. This encyclopedic book is a must read for any true crime aficionado.

"In 'Forensic Analysis and DNA in Criminal Investigations: Including Cold Cases Solved' bestselling true crime author RJ Parker takes the reader on an exciting tour behind the scenes and into the laboratory of forensic science. The book offers a fascinating history of forensic science and its key contributors. As always, Parker keeps the reader on the edge of his/her seat as he explains how forensic science and DNA analysis helped to solve complex and confounding cold cases. This book is a must read for anyone interested in the evolving science of criminal investigations. A fascinating book!"
--Dr. Scott Bonn author of 'Why We Love Serial Killers: The Curious Appeal of the World's Most Savage Murderers'

Forensic Facts and Cold Cases - thanks to DNA analysis and new techniques, many cases once thought hopeless are being resolved.

Also available in Paperback and Audiobook editions

Dr. RJ Parker, PhD is an award-winning and bestselling true crime author and publisher of RJ Parker Publishing. Inc. He has written 22 true crime books which are available in eBook, paperback and audiobook editions and have sold in over 100 countries. He holds Certifications in Serial Crime and Criminal Profiling. Parker amazes his readers with top notch writing and idealist research. The Canadian writer has a better grasp of criminology and the psyche of a serial killer's mind than most people who spend a lifetime in a professional field chasing criminals and diabolic fiends.
Dr. Peter Vronsky, PhD is an author, filmmaker and investigative historian. He is the author of two definitive bestselling books on the history and psychopathology of serial homicide, Serial Killers: The Method and Madness of Monsters (2004) and Female Serial Killers: How and Why Women Become Monsters (2007). Vronsky is also a historian of espionage, insurgency and military history. His most recent book is Ridgeway : The American Fenian Invasion and the Forgotten 1866 Battle that Made Canada (Penguin Books: 2011) an investigative account of the hidden history of Canada's first modern battle and the Irish Fenian insurgency


2nd SERIAL KILLERS True Crime Anthology: Kindle Unlimited (Annual Anthology)by Michael Newton 

This book contains graphic forensic crime scene photos and statements that some may find very disturbing.
Six bestselling true crime authors come together to present the SECOND ANNUAL "Serial Killers True Crime Anthology" which depicts thirteen horrific cases of serial homicide told in detail, and includes pictures. Each case will take the reader from the background of the serial killer, to the crime scene, investigation, trial, and sentencing.

This year we bring you more riveting and gruesome serial killers from around the world. Readers in CANADA will enjoy reading about 2 Canadian serial killers: Michael Wayne McGray (by RJ Parker) and David Russell Williams (by Kelly Banaski)

"The Babysitter Killer" by Katherine Ramsland
Michael Wayne McGray by RJ Parker
Dr. Michael Swango by Michael Newton
Col. David Williams by Kelly Banaski
Joanne Dennehy by Sylvia Perrini
Donna Perry by Katherine Ramsland
Dr. Harold Shipman by Michael Newton
Lonnie Franklin (Grim Sleeper) by RJ Parker
Rosemary West by Sylvia Perrini
Felipe Espinoza by RJ Parker
Donald Harvey by Michael Newton
Brian Dugan by Katherine Ramsland
Enriqueta Marti by Sylvia Perrini
Ninja Truck Driver Killer by Peter VronskyNinja Truck Driver Killer by Peter Vronsky

"As with Volume 1, 2015 Serial Killers True Crime Anthology is a welcome addition to the literature of true crime. Readers will be intrigued by old and new cases, elucidated by some of the most interesting writers in the business."
-- (John Douglas and Mark Olshaker), MINDHUNTERS


Faceless: Five Gruesome Unsolved Murders: Most Mysterious and Headless Unsolved Murders of All Time by Jack Smith

Five of the Most Gruesome Headless Unsolved Murder Cases of All Times

Cold cases are fascinating because they have all the ingredients of a nail-biting murder mystery. Except there's no ending. And what's a book without an ending except an endless source of frustration and speculation?

It's even worse when the victim is unidentified. "Unknown" man/woman/ child murders send a chill through us and can even cause a little sadness. How could a person be so alone in the world that absolutely no one came forward to give them a name and a burial?

This volume examines five instances of a single or serial killing involving victims who were beheaded by their killers:

?The Thames Torso Murders: Known as the "Thames Mysteries" or "Embankment Murders," this series of gruesome killings was overshadowed by the terror surrounding Jack the Ripper's crimes but were also very fascinating.

?The August 8, 1886 discovery of a decomposing male torso outside Wallingford, Connecticut. The victim was never identified, and a woman who claimed that she knew the whole story behind the murder committed suicide.

?The Mad Butcher of Kingsbury Run: Between 1935 and 1938, a still-unidentified serial killer murdered and dismembered at least twelve victims in Cleveland, Ohio. All but three remain unidentified. Eliot Ness, the man who was partly responsible for taking down Al Capone, headed the investigations.

?Beth Doe: On December 20, 1976, a young boy made a gruesome discovery on the banks of the Lehigh River in White Haven, Pennsylvania. The dismembered and mutilated remains of a young, white woman and her unborn child had been stuffed into three suitcases and thrown from a bridge along Interstate 80 over the Lehigh River.

?The February 28, 1983 discovery of the headless body of a little girl between the ages of 8 and 11, decomposing in an abandoned home on the north side of St. Louis, MO. Her head was never found. Despite heavy publicity, nobody identified her.

What do these cases have in common, besides the fact that they are cold and involve headless, unidentified victims? Somebody got away with murder...


More Hollywood Murders and Scandals: Tinsel Town After Dark, More Famous Celebrity Murders, Scandals and Crimes (Murder, Scandals and Mayhem Book 2)by Mike Riley

More Hollywood Murders and Scandals: Tinsel Town After Dark

is Volume 2 in the Murders, Scandals and Mayhem Series. It adds to the collection of the most famous and infamous Hollywood scandals and celebrity murders from the early beginnings of Hollywood right up to today.

From Thomas Ince to Tupac Shakur and George Reeves to Natalie Wood, the stories will capture your imagination as they describe the backstories of the major characters, the circumstances of the celebrity crimes and the results of the investigations.

Included are the famous murders of:

• The mysterious death of Paul Bern, husband of Jean Harlow

• The shocking death of Jayne Mansfield

• The loss of Sal Mineo


Hollywood Murders and Scandals: Tinsel Town After Dark, Famous Celebrity Murders, Scandals and Crimes (Murder, Scandals and Mayhem Book 1) by Mike Riley

Hollywood Scandals and Murders: Tinsel Town After Dark

is a collection of some of the most famous murders, infamous scandals and Hollywood crimes going right back to the beginnings of Hollywood itself.

From Fatty Arbuckle to Charles Manson and Frances Farmer to O.J. Simpson, the stories of celebrity crimes will capture your imagination as they describe the backstories of the major characters, the circumstances of the crimes and the results of the investigations.

Included are:

• Beautiful Evelyn Nesbit's murderously jealous husband

• The gruesome Black Dahlia case

• The Bugsy Siegel mystery

Anna Nicole Smith's untimely death

• and much more.

Included is a short history of the place called Hollywood from its humble beginnings as a one-hut bump in the road to the glitzy, glamorous hotspot it is today.

Many of your questions about these Hollywood murders will be answered and you will be amazed at all the facts and theories contained in this book associated with these tales of celebrity murders.


History of Embalming and of Preparations in Anatomy, Pathology, and Natural History  by J.N. Gannal

This is a history of the process of embalming dead bodies, something that people have been doing for thousands of years. From the preface: "I have considered it my duty to give here the details of the composition of the liquids employed, either as baths or injections, by the physician and naturalist; the interest of science imposing on me this obligation. But, as regards embalming, the same motive does not exist; I have consequently abstained from giving in totality the means employed in this operation, reserving to myself the care of this process on the request of families or physicians.
It was not until after many unsuccessful efforts that I succeeded in discovering a method capable of insuring the indefinite preservation of bodies deposited in the earth. A thousand unexpected difficulties arose in my path; and to cite only one, at the end of eight or nine months of preservation, a vegetable production, known to botanists under the name of byssus, for a long time embarrassed me; I tried numerous means, before discovering one capable of suppressing this formation.
The perfection to which I have brought the art of embalming, leaves little to desire. So convinced am I at length of the efficacy of the processes which I employ, that I shall be always ready, at the request of the authorities or of families, to exhume those bodies which I have already embalmed in great numbers, at any expressed period of time."