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Bats by Johnstone, William W. (1993) Mass Market Paperback - William W. Johnstone

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comes out to buy 9/27/16

Wings of Death

They’d flown north from Central and South America, appearing one day in the southern wetlands of the U.S. like ominous ink stains in the twilight sky. With each sunset, more appeared, first hundreds then thousands. Massing into a great black cloud of terror, the vampire bats were beating their wings in time with the panicked heartbeats in the towns below.

No one knew how to stop them as they fell onto their prey like dark, deadly shadows. But someone had to find a way. Because somewhere in the night, they had become a threat to more than wild animals and livestock. Somewhere in the night madness took hold as these vampire bats developed a taste for human blood.

And the feasting had only just begun


What did I think of it:

Five stars all the way:

First off  I want to say this isn't the first time that I've ever read this ,I actually had a copy of it in the paperback and I loved it, read it until the pages turned yellow,unfortunately when we movied back in 2011 , it was with a box of books that got lost ,.

Now we skip to now : When I first saw it I was on NetGalley just looking to see what they had and the title Bats  caught my attention so I had to check it out and read the synopsis, and after that I knew I had to request it , so glade that I did even though at the time I didn't recognized it at first , but when I started to read it , that's when it came to me,

even though its been a long while since I've read it , there's this one scene that stayed with me and that the one that I remembered when I was reading page 2, with that said I'm so glad that I requested and got to re read, just like before it still one of my all time favorite books to read.

list of why I 100 % love it .

1:one of my favorite novels by William W. Johnstone

2:suspense-filled story

3: pulls you in and keeps you hooked all the way though the story

4:remember this book  terrifying the first time I read it and its still very much so terrifying

5: it makes you makes you realize that even to this day we don't know every thing about the animal kingdom like we think we do.

Its a most read, with that said I   would love to also say that I received this book from the NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion and review and that these are 100 % my own thoughts to what is truly a great book ,and to give them a Really Big Thinks for letting me re find one of my all time favorite books.