surprised me

Criminal - Karin Slaughter

just finally finished it and OMG it was better than I thought it was going to be, when I first started to read it , was kind of slow going in, but I have to admit that at the time I started it I was also sick , so it took for ever for me to get in to it, like almost 121 pages , so with that I kept think go its going to be a 1 star book then after a few more pages it went to ok its going to be a 3 star book , but then after a few more pages into like 177 pages it was ok so its now a 4 star to maybe a 4.5 star, not once did I thing it was going to become a five star. But it surprised me it did in fact become a five star book, so I'm going to be looking in to more of this series, there was a few things I didn't but there was a hole lot more things I did like , I loved how it went back and forth between 1975 to the present day so you got to see how the case from then to now was interlocked, how Amanda and Will first meet and how much history was between them. Like I said before it was kind of slow going in, but once I was over 185 pages in it had me finally hooked,and pulled into the story . There was so much twist and turns in it that I couldn't DNF it even if I want to. So glad that I kept with it and found out just how good it really is.