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The Sea Hunters( True Adventures with Famous Shipwrecks)[SEA HUNTERS][Mass Market Paperback] - CliveCussler

A steamboat goes up in flames . . . and down to the bottom of the sea. A locomotive plunges into a creek . . . and vanishes into mystery. A German U-boat sends an American troop transport, and eight hundred on board, to a watery grave . . . on Christmas Eve.

Clive Cussler and his crack team of NUMA (National Underwater Marine Agency, a nonprofit organization that searches for historic shipwrecks) volunteers have found the remains of these and numerous other tragic wrecks. Here are the dramatic, true accounts of twelve of the most remarkable underwater discoveries made by Cussler and his team. As suspenseful and satisfying as Cussler’s renowned Dirk Pitt novels, The Sea Hunters is a unique story of true commitment and courage

my rating: five out of five
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What did I think of it :
I know going in that I would love it because its Clive Cussler and his one of my 2 all time favorite authors to read, fist I want to say that it normally doesn't take me this long to read his books but when I started this on the 10th of this month I had just picked up a new book and couldn't wait to read that one, but this one is and was an DNF because I started a few years ago and it was DNF because I ended up getting sick, anyway I'm so glad that I picked it up and restarted it and finished it, because liked I said before I loved it, there was so much history in it where it was about ships, lost locomtive, and U-Boats that for some reason they just vanished from the face of the Earth, loved how Mr.Cussler's written always pulls me into his books, and its the same with one, love how there was black and white photos and drawings as well as maps though out the book, its a must read for anyone who loves history as much as I do