Hated what I read of it

The Contestant - C.J. Lea

About the author:
Catherine lives with a fox terrier that thinks he owns the house. She has sold international satellite capacity, worked in IT recruitment, and run her own communications store.

When Catherine isn't writing, she's dog-wrangling, wrestling with technology, or going crazy trying to maintain control of the yard.

THE CANDIDATE'S DAUGHTER is her first published work, now followed up by the newly released sequel CHILD OF THE STATE.

She also writes gritty thrillers under the pen name C.J. Lea.

Book synopsis
A $10 million online treasure hunt is one contest serial killer Raymond Fleishman knows how to win. He has a Mensa-rated IQ, a cache of dirty tricks, and a cast-iron determination. All he has to do is stay focussed, follow the clues, reduce the competition.

And find the one person who can stop him.

(Warning: Contains graphic violence)

What did I think of the story:
I hate to say this but I hated what I read of it, only read like 40 pages of it before I decided to DNF it and delete it off my kindle library. There was nothing I actually liked about the story at all, couldn't get in to, wasn't holding my attention at all.