loved it

Dragon's Triangle - Christine Kling

book synonyms:
Maggie Riley has settled into her new life in Thailand, working aboard her sailboat and doing her best to leave the past behind. When she receives a letter from a World War II vet claiming to have served with her grandfather who went missing in action, Riley is once again pulled into the intrigue that tore her family apart and led to the disappearance of her former search partner—and the love of her life.

Armed with the secret code her grandfather left behind, Riley must head to the Philippines to hunt for a mysterious shipwreck, uncover the truth of Yamashita’s gold, and find the answers to old questions about her own family.

my rating: 5 stars
challenges : non

what did I think of the story: I loved it, loved how once again this author mixedhistorical facts and fiction together ,loved how you get it told in three different views, just loved every thing about this book, can't wait to read book 3, also I want to say thinks to NetGalley and to the publishers as well as the author for once again give me a chance at reading other great book