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Gowns Of The Haunted - Anette Darbyshire

about the author:
Anette Darbyshire was born in Copenhagen, Denmark and now lives in Kent, England with her husband, three children and two cats.
Her debut novel, Love In The Wrong Dimension, is a love story told from the perspective of a ghost and written in the style of popular romance. She is currently working on the first installment of a series about a haunted dress shop.
Anette has always been fascinated by ghosts, having had her own paranormal experiences as a child, and now loves writing about them. What Is A Ghost? is a blog she has written on her website which explores a possible scientific explanation of ghosts.

book synopsis:
Welcome to Gowns Of The Haunted, an emporium of mystery and secrets, where even the ghosts aren’t what they seem.

Broke, lonely and desperate, Kate Hardy can’t believe her luck when a stranger inadvertently hands her a lifeline. This leads her to Gowns Of The Haunted, a mysterious, quirky emporium of fashion ranging from modern day goth outfits to vintage dresses and accessories. She’s overjoyed when Jenny, the pale and enigmatic owner of the shop, offers her a job and free accommodation in the small flat above the shop.

But, it’s not called Gowns Of The Haunted for nothing and Kate soon realises that something isn’t quite right. Strange noises, flickering lights and creepy shadows keep her awake at night and, when she learns that Jenny’s sister was recently murdered in the shop, her apprehension turns to very real, and justified, fear.

Traumatised by her night terrors, Kate seeks comfort from her new friends Jenny, Lucy, her eccentric young colleague, and Josh, the attractive customer who takes a fancy to her.

But at Gowns Of The Haunted, nothing is quite what it seems and, as her safety is increasingly threatened, Kate no longer knows who to trust; the living or the dead.
my rating: five stars
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what did I think of the book cover: it what me want to pick it up and read it.

what did I think of the main character:
I loved Kate , loved how there was time she felt like nothing was going right and she thought about just going home , but then she would stay and fight for what she wanted.

what did I think of the book:
First I want to say it the first time I've ever read anything by this author , can't believe it took me a year to pick it up and read it , what can I say I loved it, loved how it was in a some what mysterious, quirky emporium of fashion ranging from modern day goth outfits to vintage dresses and accessories store that was and is haunted, loved how the character's inter acted with each other even the ghosts. will be checking out more of her books when I can.