great book just like the first tow in this series. must read

The Observer (Derek Cole Suspense Thriller Book 3) - T Patrick Phelps, Ellen Scharf

about the author:

T Patrick Phelps is the author of the Derek Cole Suspense Series, including "Heartless," "Those of the Margin," "The Observer" and the soon to be released "The Devil's Snare."

Phelps is also the author of "The Youngest Son," a story about cancer and the unexpected gifts cancer leaves in its wake.

"The Demon Senders," first in the Trevor Mac Series, was released in December 2015 and is available exclusively on Amazon until January 2016, when all of T Patrick Phelps' books will be available on Amazon, iBooks, Nook and Kobo.

Phelps lives with his wife and two children in Upstate New York


book synopsis:

A Lone Wolf. A World-Wide Organization
Third in the Derek Cole Suspense Thriller Series
Private Investigator Derek Cole is hired by the FBI to stop a terrorist plot and track down the terrorists. As Cole draws closer to learning the true identify of the criminal masterminds behind the plot, he learns about a cover up the reaches the highest level of the government.
Teaming up with a rogue FBI Special Agent, Cole must fight for his own life while working to prevent a terrorist attack in NYC that would launch attacks around the world.

A Thrilling Ride
"Wow! By far the best in the Derek Cole suspense thriller series." A Black
"Actually made me late for work! I couldn't put this book down until I finished it. Awesome story." E. Jennings
"Amazing story line. A real thrilling ride." JE Book Reviews

Corruption Creates a Cover Up
When he receives a cryptic note from an FBI agent, telling him to trust no one, Cole learns the terrible power that some well known, internationally recognized organizations wield. As he digs deeper into the cover-up, Private Investigator Cole discovers that not only is an internationally recognized union involved in the planning of a Manhattan-based terrorist attack, so too is a high ranking member of the US Government.


what did I think about the book cover:

there's something about the cover's of this series that pull you in and makes you want to read it, they like call to you.

what did I think of the book:

First I would like to say thinks to Mr,T.Patrick Phelps for thinking of me and asking me to read and review book 3 of his Derek Cole series, OMG what can I say I loved it, just like the first 2 books in this series it pulled me in, and I was hooked, didn't want to stop reading and the only times I did was to eat and sleep and even then I kept thinking about this book. It just keeps getting better and better, loved the new characters that was introduced in this one,and can't wait to see more of them and Derek, .can't wait to get this one and add it to my book series of his, since I now have books 1 and 2 . Thinks again for sending me this ARC copy of this great story,can't decide which one of the three is my all time favorite so can I just say that they are all my favorites