Once again a win for this author

Those of the Margin (Derek Cole Suspense Thriller Book 2) - T Patrick Phelps

About this author:
T Patrick Phelps is the author of the Derek Cole Suspense Series, including "Heartless," "Those of the Margin," "The Observer" and the soon to be released "Fury." (Working title)

Phelps is also the author of "The Youngest Son," a story about cancer and the unexpected gifts cancer leaves in its wake.

"The Sender," first in the Trevor Mac Series, will be released on Amazon and in paperback in December of 2015

Phelps lives with his wife and two children in Upstate New York




You'll Never Look at Strangers the Same Way
Private Investigator Derek Cole is no ghost hunter, but when he meets with his new client, Maggie Bryant, he knows that he couldn't walk away from the case, no matter how hard he tried. Maggie tells Derek that her son, Robby, believes he is being haunted by a ghost. Though private investigator Derek Cole knows nothing about paranormal mysteries, he soon learns that spirits exists, some are just more real than others.
A Paranormal Thriller that will have you Looking at Strangers in a Whole new Way
Derek finds himself in the middle of a near two decade old murder mystery as he struggles to solve the mystery of the spirit haunting his client's son. And the closer Derek gets to solving the murder mystery, the closer he gets to a mystery that can never be solved.
The Second in the Derek Cole Suspense Thriller Series 


what at I thought of it:

As all ways I loved the main character Dereck Cole ,even if he didn't believe in what his new clients was telling him ,he was still going to try and help them find out what was going on ,as in the first one he was strong but he came back much stronger then before in this one and his character grew more in this one .


What I thought of the cover.

loved it, loved how it maxes the first book .and just like the first book Heartless there's something about the cover that pulls you to the book even before you read the synopsis of it.


What did I think of the story itself:

OMG what can I say that will make you pick it up as will as the first book to read, just like the first one Heartless, it had me hooked from the first page, loved how Dereck got to work with his friend Ralph Fox again, and I loved Father Flannigan, loved how Mr.Phelps wrote a new twist to what happens to sprites , once again this one is just as dark, creepy,mysterious,thrilling,as the first one , which makes it hard to say which one is my favorite of the 2.And just like the first one it was like I was actually there,could see and here every thing that was going on, sometimes it even had me wondering if the spirit was good or evil, this series just keeps getting better and better.With that said I would like to say once again Thinks to Mr.Phelps for reaching out to me and give me the chance to read and review this book, it's a must read any time .So what are you waiting for go pick the first 2 books of this series up and read them.