Really Bad,Such A Letdown

Dinosaur Park: In Search Of The Fountain Of Youth - Mark Rich


group of Pharmaceutical execs travel to The Andes in Colombia, looking for a flower that helps removes wrinkles. Drug runners are in the same area looking for uncut emeralds.
Both groups in search of a fortune, run into some of the most vicious creatures to ever walk the earth in Dinosaur Park.


What I thought of it :

It's only 18 pages but I was hoping because it had something to do with dinosaurs that it was going to be good, such a big letdown,can't stand how the author would write the cuss words,example (f@ck)don't know if it was a type o or if he did it on purpose.basly didn't like anything about the book,won't be pick it up again,so I'm deleting it.I never say this but DON'T PICK THIS UP.