In a Dark, Dark Wood - Helen Ruth Elizabeth Ware

I received copy of In a Dark ,Dark,  Wood through my Goodreads  group A life Of A Book Addict since Simon and Schuster were giving away 20 copies of this new book, after reading what the book was about I decided to try and get a copy of it, so glad that I received a copy. Wanted to wait to the last week of October to  read it but I just couldn't wait any more ,so glad that I didn't wait because I just finished it and loved it so much , once I started to read I just couldn't put it down ,it had me from the start and had me on the edge of me chair and bed with every turn of the page, it was like I was there and could see and feel every thing that was happing . Its a must read , for anyone who loves to read  novels that are :sinister , suspenseful, compulsive. and is a bit dark as well as twisted .