Really great second book series

Pretty Little Creatures: An Action-Packed Spiritual Thriller (The Challenged World Book 2) - Vince Milam

First I would once again want to say thinks to Mr.Vince Milam for considering me to read his second book in his The Challened World Series. I'm so glad that he did because just like the first one The Unknown Element it reached out and had me hooked from the very first page.And just like the first one I thoroughly loved and enjoyed it so much that I had to keep reading to the very end. Because it's one of those types of books you don't want to put down,but you make yourself do it because you hate to see it end .As well as been one of those books that you have a love and hate relationship with the characters,to find out what I mean go read the book series.With that said it deserves the five stars rating I gave it.