book 6 off my May Netgalley ARC TBR list

Orca Rising

date read: 5/6/18
rating: 4.5
book synopsis

16-year-old Ocean Daley needs to get away from school, his seaside town and wasting his summer working for his mother’s irritating boyfriend. When his mysterious Uncle Frank offers him a place at a summer school for a select group of gifted teens, he jumps at it.

But the school isn’t like any other, with classes in hacking, bike racing, psychological tricks and combat. Orca, the secretive organisation behind the school, needs fresh recruits…but for what? Ocean’s father co-founded Orca, and joining the organization feels like a way to honour his memory, as well as strengthen bonds with his strange uncle.

Orca demands each teenager push themselves beyond the possible and in return each student gets an impressive salary, international travel and exhilarating field missions — a double life. There is one catch. Joining Orca is a life-binding commitment to support their ‘noble' cause. For Ocean, it’s the challenge in life he’s been looking for.

Others might call it a trap.
my thoughts
While reading it , it kind of reminds me of the Alex rider series which I love , with this said I want to say thinks to Netgalley for giving me a change at reading it and hopeful finding a new series to start because that hoe it reads at the end of the book