Creature from the Crevasse

title: Creature from the Crevasse

author : Michael Cole

Publisher : Severed Press

ASIN: B0798K3J9Z

kindle prince: $3.99

Print List prince :$11.95


Genre: horror, SCIFI

recommend : yes


Netgalley ARC


book synopsis:

A bizarre series of incidents take place on a usually tranquil lake. Boats are found ravaged, a body torn in two, other people are missing and an injured victim cries of a monster. Chief of Police Morgan Sydney must face the reality that a huge monster is lurking in the lake. With bulletproof scales, territorial aggression, and an insatiable appetite, the beast causes mayhem in the peaceful town. To destroy the creature, Sydney must form an alliance with the sheriff, a local lodge employee, his ex-wife, and an eccentric biologist who has a theory on what the creature is and its origins.


my thoughts:

 Wow after reading this I now knew that its not safe to get in any type of water wither its a lake or the sea ,or ocean, because you never know what might be lurking down there, this was my first read of any book by Michael Cole and I went in not know what it was about , I picked it because of the cover and I'm glad I did , it pulled me into the story and remind me of the old scifi movies from the 40s ,50s and 60s , so if you love movies like that then you have to check this one out, what's not to like a type of monster that kills and eat people vs the  Chief of Police  who's trying to stop it. Loved everything about it ,didn't want to  put it down but had to ,to get some sleep . Its the perfect amount of adventure and romance, and it won't be a disappoint . With that said I would like to think Netgalley for letting me read and review it in change for my honest opinion