5 ( stars) author sent it to me to read and review - New series I'm starting


 4.5 stars- New series I'm starting


 five stars ( re-read ,have read it in a long time , plus it's my biggest book so far ,read it as a kindle book ,1,051 pages)


 5 stars ( by one of my all time favorite authors) I'm already reading this series even if I'm slowly get them and reading them out of order.)


 3 stars ( read it as a kindle book  and listened to it as an audio book though loyalbooks.com - confusing at times) 


 half a star- basically I give it a 1 star on goodreads but after reading 19% of it I DNF it 100% and deleted it from my kindle app , ( Netgalley 2017 book I didn't get to last year)


 5 stars, one.of my books I got for 2017 Christmas from my sister , New series I'm starting.


 ( Blogging for Books) 5 stars- will be getting books 1&2 of this series when I can , love the main character .


 ( Netgalley 2018) 5 stars - read this author before intact I'm in the middle of his first series , so this is book 3 to his newest series.


So that 9/ 111 books so far.