2018 Reading Goals

1#: Have fun reading ,don't stress out about how long it takes me to read a book.

2:Set Goodreads goal is 104

3:Don't updated my Goodreads goals if I pass it ( kind of stress me out when friends on Goodreads kept say up it)

4: Stick to  my 104 books ( even by the end of the year I only read half or more half I'll be happy)

5: Don't stress out about what challenges I'm doing.

6:Finish or try to finish my challenges,if I don't then that's fine ,their just for fun any way:

Challenges :( all 104 2018 TBR books can be used for all these challenges)

Goodreads group

A Life Of A Book Addicted

12+4 ( year challenge)

2018 Montley Reading Challenge ( year challenge)


For The Love of a book

2018 Discovery Bookshelf ( reading one book a month for this one)(year challenge)


Challenge Factory

2018 Scale Your TBR  Mountain ( read for this one 3-5 books for each of the months)( year challenge)

Oddest and ends: Your Box of Books have arrived:( 3 month challenge)


Nothing But Reading Challenges

Clean Out The TBR Closet 2018 ( year challenge)

2018 New To U Authors ( year challenge)

My Vampire  Book Obsession

Warehouse 13 2018 Challenge (6 month challenge)



2018Create Your Own Challenge ( year challenge)

This part will be easy since all my 2018 TBR fell in to these goals

7:New authors

8Reading kindle books

9: re-read

10: Read and review the Netgalley books I have left.

11: Finish a series

12:Read one of my sister's books

13: start a new series

14: Read non fiction

15: post on my book blog, even if it's just what I read and how many stars I give it.