Remember The Rules you live, forget those rules ,you die


During the 1980s, slashers terrorized America. With machetes and masks, these unstoppable killers stalked college campuses, quiet suburbs, and lakeside cabins.

Thirty years ago, Bobbi Metzger survived a massacre at her 16th birthday party. She spent decades putting her life back together.

Tonight, Bobbi will face a new killer: a high-tech slasher hell-bent on opening the doorway to an abyss of unimaginable horror.

How long can Bobbi survive this nightmare? What will she do to protect the people she loves? How much blood is she willing to spill?

My thoughts:
We all know the rules for surviving a killer,but not just any killer a slasher, but sometimes people forget those rules, will this book makes you remember those rules that's there to save your life: Rules like don't drink and do drugs, don't trust anyone , never go alone , and the biggest one that you have to go to remember is :Never, ever, under any circumstances assume the killer is dead." This brings to mind all those rules , and has the feeling of an slasher movie, so if your want to know more pick it and read it for yourself. Because after reading this I'm sticking to the rules. With that said I want to think NetGalley for giving me the opportunity and change to read and review Mask Beneath Her Face.
( Note: Remember the rules and live , forget and you die, trying to rewrite the script has a 50 / 50 change of making it out alive)
Rules in case you forget:
1:Never Assume The Killer Is Dead

2: Never Stand At The Back Or The Front, And Don't Split Up

3::Ignore Mysterious Noises Coming From The Next Room

4:Don't Have Sex, Don't Do Drugs, Don't Drink Alcohol

5:Never Say "I'll Be Right Back"

6: Don't trust anyone but yourself ( of course that goes against rule 2 but that's up to you to decide if you trust them or not)