Update on my own Book Bingo

Update on My Own Book Bingo
✔Stephen King or any horror author: Doctor Sleep by Stephen King 9/4/17 4 Stars

Stand alone or a one word title ( sorry about that )

Book from a series you love

Non fiction ( any kind): Alamein

Book you bought but never read

✔Romance ( any kind) Get A Grip by L.A.Witt ( m/m romance) 5 stars

Been on your TBR forever (2 plus more years)

Fantasy ( any kind)

Title that starts with a letter of your name : Extrasensory 9/9/17 five stars

Tome ( over 400 and up pages )
( And I mean anything from 400 and some page up to the really big tomes)

Start a series : (Sophie Anderson #1)Body Count (9/10/17) five stars

New to you author

2017 release or past release

A book based on it's cover

Favorite author

Free ( read anything you like)

Historical fiction or mystery ( has to be a historical mystery)

Steampunk or paranormal

Book towards another Challenge ( or a book you meant to read last month but didn't get to): Alice's Adventures In Wonderland (9/12/17) 5 stars ( 2017 Around The Year In 52 Books)

Sci Fi ( any type)

Christine Feehan or a book with a title that begins with any letter in her name: Dark Prince by Christine Feehan​ 9/10/17 five stars

A book you've been wanting to read


With a season them cover ( it's fall now so covers that are like fall, winter , Christmas , Halloween ,and so on)

Person on the cover

A book with non human characters ( anything you think is non human)

Received as a gift ( or you bought your as a gift)


Filp a corn( https://www.random.org/coins/ ) ( read a book from your favorite genre. If you get 'tails', read a book from a genre you read infrequently or is new to you)

Random number generator: https://www.random.org ,
if you have a goodreads TBR ,just put 1 from how many books is on that TBR, hit generate and what ever number it comes up with is the book you read, books must be set for sortable)