Read Your E reader 3 update :

some books are the same as the books for Booktube a thon , while there was some where changed out

1: read a book where the author's name begins with a S


2 read a book from your favorite summer genre: Thrillers



3:read a book that takes place doing the summer

7/25/17 1 star


4: read a book with summer colors, 

Items, sunshine on the cover:


Deleted /DN

Read, Write, Love at Seaside (Sweet with Heat: Seaside Su... 7/28/17 5 stars

5:read a book about a trip to the beach or ocean

 2 stars

7:summer days - read a book that finially finishes a series

7: long hot summer days: read a book that finially finishes a series.7/30/17 4 stars 7/31/17