It's a mess

The Red Queen Dies (Detective Hannah McCabe, #1) by Frankie Y. Bailey
The Red Queen Dies
By : Frankie Y. Bailey
The year is 2019, and a drug used to treat soldiers for post-traumatic stress disorder, nicknamed "Lullaby," has hit the streets. Swallowing a little pill erases traumatic memories, but what happens to a criminal trial when the star witness takes a pill and can't remember the crime? When two women are murdered in quick succession, biracial police detective Hannah McCabe is charged with solving the case. In spite of the advanced technology, including a city-wide surveillance program, a third woman is soon killed, and the police begin to suspect that a serial killer is on the loose. But the third victim, a Broadway actress known as "The Red Queen," doesn't fit the pattern set by the first two murders.

What did I think:
3 stars

Its basically a mess in my opinion, there's too much going on in the story, there was only a few things I did actually lile and they were:
1: the historical facts about Albany , Abraham Lincoln, and John Wilkes Booth and Henrietta Irving.
2:the parts about Alice In Wonderland and The Wizard Of Oz
3: Once again parts where it mentioned an old black and white movie : Them (1954)
And that's because I grew up watching those types of movies and that one is one of my all time favorite movies.
4:At one point a author had an idea that the author of Alice In Wonderland was Jack The Ripper.
Can't see how others give this a four to five star rating, the only way I will ever pick up book 2 is if I find it in my local Dollar​ Tree