You have to try this if you love romance

Hey guys since we all love to read romance I thought you might want to know about this : Harlequin has this reward system going ok and it does work , so if you want to find out how it works here's the link:

Reward the Book Lover in You!
Harlequin My Rewards is a brand new, FREE rewards program where you earn points for free books and other special rewards.

SHOP – Earn points for every Harlequin book you buy
SHARE – Earn bonus points when you share your comments, reading preferences and ideas
REDEEM – Use your points to get free books or to enter for a chance to win exclusive rewards selected just for you.( Plus every time you buy any type of Harlequin romance books and then go to Earn points for Your Harlequin Purchases
Earn 100 points every $1 of the book's cover price and hit submit your purchase and take a photo of your receipts and then send it to them with in 48 hours you get points ). They can explain it better than I can so go check out their link: