Another Book TAG

Was on YouTube and I found this tag so I thought I would do it here .

The Rapid Fire Book  TAG



E- Books or physical books? Both ( I love having both ways to read )


paper back or hard back? Both


online or in- store book shopping? Both ( I do love going to shop for books in store but some time I just can't because of my mild depression and anxiety so  shop both ways)


Trilogies or series? Both


heroes or villains? heroes


A Book You want everyone to read:81 Days Below Zero by Brian. Murphy 


Recommend An Underated Book?The Black Earth:The Holocaust as History and Warring by Timothy Snyder


The last book you finished: Escape To Phobos by K.Van Kramer


The Last Book you bought?The Complete  Leatherstocking Tales ( all 5 books ) by James Fenimore Cooper ( kindle book)


Weirdest thing you've used as a bookmark: a paper towel 


Used Books: yes or no? Yes


Top Three favorite genres: horror, thrillers and ture crime 


borrow. Or buy: buy


characters or plot? It depends on the book that I'm reading 


long or short books: long books


long or short chapters: long


Name the first three books you think of: Needful Things by Stephen King, Subterranean by James Rollins and Bats by William W. Johnstone


Books that make you laugh or cry: both


our world or fictional worlds : both


audiobooks yes or no? It depends since I mostly listen to classical books  as free audiobooks 


Do you ever judge a book by its cover? No


book to movie or book to TV adaptations: it depends on how well they do it.


a movie  or tv show you preferred to its book? It depends once again on how will they do it, because I tend to like the book better then the movie or tv shows, example: The movie Salem's Lot ( hate the movie but love the book)


series or standalones? Both