My Thoughts of Books I've read so far in 2017, part 2

by J.J. Adams


What was it about:
What the book is about:Fringe, a self-taught genius named Peter Bishop and FBI agent Olivia Dunham team up to investigate paranormal activity. They seek help from Bishop’s father, Walter, a brilliant (but possibly insane) scientist who is being held in a mental institution. Fringe explores mysteries of the paranormal as well as the relationships between the characters, and is steeped in mythology.
Fringe is an American science fiction television series created by J. J. Abrams, Alex Kurtzman, and Roberto Orci. The series follows Olivia Dunham, Peter Bishop, and Walter Bishop, all members of the fictional Fringe Division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, based in Boston,Massachusetts, under the supervision of Homeland Security. The team uses fringe science and FBI investigative techniques to investigate a series of unexplained, often ghastly occurrences, which are related to mysteries surrounding a parallel universe. The series has been described as a hybrid of The X-Files, Altered States, and The Twilight Zone.
The series format combines elements from procedural dramas and serials. The series began as a more traditional mystery-of-the-week series and became more serialized in later seasons. A majority of episodes contain a standalone plot, with several episodes also exploring the series' overarching mythology.
Early critical reception of the first season was lukewarm but became more favorable in subsequent seasons, when the series began to explore its mythology, including parallel universes and alternate timelines. The show, as well as the cast and crew, has been nominated for many major awards.
My rating: 2 stars
Kept/deleted: deleted
Why: the book is completely sporilers of the TV show from season 1-4( haven't seen all the shows even though I do own season 1-3 on DVD )
Challenges : 2017 around the year in 52 books:week 3 : a book you meant to read in 2016
2017 Big Book challenge:647 pages


Needful Things A Novel 
By:Stephen King

paper back

what was it about:
Needful Things: A Novel:
What is it about:
Now available for the first time in a mass-market premium paperback edition—master storyteller Stephen King presents the classic #1 New York Times bestseller about a mysterious store than can sell you whatever you desire—but not without exacting a terrible price in return.

“There are two prices for this. Half…and half. One half is cash. The other is a deed. Do you understand?”

The town of Castle Rock, Maine has seen its fair share of oddities over the years, but nothing is a peculiar as the little curio shop that’s just opened for business. Its mysterious proprietor, Leland Gaunt, seems to have something for everyone out on display at Needful Things…interesting items that run the gamut from worthless to priceless. Nothing has a price tag in this place, but everything is certainly for sale. The heart’s desire for any resident of Castle Rock can easily be found among the curiosities…in exchange for a little money and—at the specific request of Leland Gaunt—a whole lot of menace against their fellow neighbors. Everyone in town seems willing to make a deal at Needful Things, but the devil is in the details. And no one takes heed of the little sign handing on the wall: Caveat emptor. In other words, let the buyer beware
My rating:5 stars

Why: it's one.of my all time favorite books of Stephen King,so glad my sister got me a new copy for 2016 Christmas ,it's been forever since I've read it.Even though it's been a while I actually remember some of it .
Challenges: 2017 Around The Year in 52 Books:
Week 18: a really long book (600+ pages)
2017 Big Book challenge:943




Noble Man A Jake Noble Spy Thriller Series book 1 (Noble Man Series) 
by William Miller

kindle book: deleted

What was it about:
What it's about:
Disavowed agent Jake Noble is living on his boat, trying to scrape together enough money for his mother’s cancer treatment when the CIA offers him one hundred and fifty thousand dollars for one last mission.

Bati Ramos, daughter of a Philippine diplomat, has been snatched off the street in broad daylight. She is diabetic and will die without insulin.

With the clock ticking on Bati’s life, Noble delves back into the seedy underbelly of Manila’s sex trade. What he finds goes deeper than a random kidnapping.
**Between 21 and 30 million people live in slavery. Most are women and children. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to the fight against human trafficking*
My rating:2

Why: while I love the.idea of a portion of the proceeds from the sale.of.this book goes to the fight against human trafficking , I just couldn't get into the story ,there was hardly anything happening.
Challenges: 2017 Big Book challenge:647 pages