strangest and bizarrest book I've read this year

Island Red - Matt Serafini

It's a species that has been around for 80 million years. It has over 300 teeth in 25 rows to trap its prey. It has very rarely been found in depths above 160 feet, meaning the frilled shark has never posed a threat to humans. Until now. The residents of Crystal Key, Florida didn’t think there was anything to worry about. A missing girl with a troubled past was easy to dismiss, but that was only the beginning. When fishermen disappear and two girls are attacked on open water, everyone assumes the culprit is a predator stalking their piece of the Atlantic. But as an offseason hurricane descends, and communications with the mainland are severed, Crystal Key is about to discover that terror doesn’t only come from below

What did I think of it: five stars First off I want to say that this was actual a cover but , and secondly that This is the strangest and bizarrest book I've read this year, and that's saying something, it actual surprised me with how much I actual ended up liking it, can't give to much away because I want you to go pick it up for your self and see what I mean but its a kind of book you don't want to miss, it has every thing in it that I look in a book, from a shark , to people disappearing, to a offseason storm that's coming , and to communications with the mainland severed to the bizarre happings that come to pass , no was no way that I could stop reading it once I started , it just pulled me in and bam I was hooked, its a sci fi, thriller, and horror rolled in to one book .