some what like Harry Potter

Avis Blackthorn and the Ring of Enchantment (An Avis Blackthorn Magical Adventure, Prequel Book 0) - Jack Simmonds

Avis Blackthorn is in trouble. He's just borrowed his parents prized possession... a very valuable possession -- the Ring of Enchantment. When Avis uses it to bring his teddy rabbit Sedrick to life, he thinks he will have a best friend -- and his parents need never know. But Sedrick runs off with the ring and into a salt circle and vanishing into the fairy world.

Now Avis must follow him and get the ring back before his parents find out, but he ends up getting more than he bargained for... from marching killer broomsticks and a witches curse, to a pig called Horse and a boy called Bernard. As well as trying to find Sedrick, Avis must help the fairy world, or face being trapped there for life, and it means coming face to face with a very evil witch if he is ever to succeed

What did I think of it:
3.5 stars
its an ok read, some people say it like the Harry Potter series, in a way it kind is but I think that Harry Potter series is a little better, here is some of the things that doe make it resemble Harry Potter:
Harry Potter:
1: Wizarding School : Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
2: the wizarding world is cut off from the normal world
3: Dark Wizard Lord: Voldemort
5: Harry goes to school at age 11
6:they use wands
7: when over some one see something their not to see their memory is wiped
7 Ron- lives with his family ( Mr and Mrs . Weasley , and has 5 older brothers and 1 sister )
Avis Blackthorn
1: Wizarding School: Hailing Hall School for Wizards
2:Avis lives in other dimension called :Seven Magical Kingdoms
3: Dark Sorcerer: Malakai
4: Avis uses a channeller( its lets you to do magic)
5: Avis goes at age 12
6: Non-magic lands: Outside
7: when over some one see something their not to see their memory is wiped
8: Avis : lives with his family ( Mr and Mrs: Blackthorn and his nine siblings)

so if you liked Harry Potter you might like this series.