Deadly Descent - R.G. Porter

A discovery of a lifetime turns into a nightmare that will not end...

Far beneath the waves of the mid Pacific, new forms of plant life discovered in the Marianas Trench unleash a horrible affliction among Dr. Tori Cutter's colleagues. When the strange plants are brought aboard an undersea research station, crew members begin to sicken and die.

...Trouble is, they aren't staying dead.

To escape a deadly fate, Tori and her guide Lt. John Akers, must escape to the surface. But life for her may bring death, or something worse, to the world above.

My rating : 5 stars
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what did I think:
OMG even though its only 136 pages and it ends on what I might consider a cliffhanger , I still loved it, loved how it pulled me in, kept me on the edge of my bed, its had every thing I wanted in a story like this, right off the bat it got creepy and crazy, action is fast paced, the terror quite vivid and the characters most resourceful, enough original twists to keep you turned in .