at later date might give it a 2nd chance

Twilight Guardians (Wings in the Night: Reborn Book 1) - Maggie Shayne

book synopsis:
They told 20-year-old Charlie O’Malley that they had a cure for the rare blood condition that would eventually kill her–an untested, experimental cure. All they wanted in return was for her to join their elite military team and train to kill the Undead.

She took the deal, not because she cared so much about extending her life, but because it would make her strong–stronger than ordinary humans. Strong enough to kill the vampire who’d pretended to love her, taken her blood, used her body, and murdered her mother.

Killion was the last of his kind, or so he thought. When he found Charlie, he felt the pull. She had the rare Belladonna Antigen all vampires had as humans. Vampires were compelled to protect those rare mortals they called The Chosen. But with Charlie, the bond was different, more powerful than anything he’s felt before, and impossible to resist, even though surrendering to it will probably get him killed.

Ancient vampire elders Rhiannon and Roland come out of exile, risking their lives to help their mortal friend Roxy reclaim her granddaughter. But before the tale ends, their lives will be forever changed.

Join Maggie Shayne as she returns to her most beloved series of all time with this new beginning….

my rating : 3.5 stars
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what did I think of the story:
I started out wanting to read it and then changed to not wanting to read it that the time, I just couldn't get pulled into the story , but I also didn't what to DNF it either so I had to stop reading it for a while just finished it today , got say that the only thing that kept me form deleting it was the ending its what made me want to give it a 2nd change so at a much latter date I'll repick it up and see what I think of it then,I did love how Vampires were compelled to protect those rare mortals they called The Chosen