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Sight Lines - Michelle DiCeglio


Bio: Ohio native Michelle DiCeglio earned her bachelor’s degree in criminology from The Ohio State University. She worked in the criminal justice system for more than fifteen years. As a volunteer for an independent theater company, Michelle has written several short plays, and she works behind-the-scenes as a stage manager and set designer. She also serves as the troupe’s resident photographer.


While investigating a serial killer in her small town, Detective Lacey Mills meets Alison Rhodes, a potential witness to one of the crimes. But as the murders get more intense, so do Detective Mills’ feelings for Alison—and her suspicions that Ali may be more than just a witness.


what I thought of the main character: 

this is the first time I've ever picked up a  book who's  main character was  a LGTB Lesbian , while I mainly pick up LGTB Gay , I had some prombles with the main character Lacey , while I loved reading about her , there was times when she just seemed to be living in the past a little to much, and there was times that I didn't like the way she acted towards the man who was like a father to her. But the more I read and begin to understand why she acted the way she did, she kind of grew on me.


book cover:

i liked it, loved how it kind of pulled you in to it


what did I think of the book: 

Like I said before , this is the first book that I picked up that the main character was LGTB Lesbian, while I mainly pick up LGTB Gay, I was surpised that I actually like the story, loved the mystery , and secrets that where hiden and finally came out,loved how there was a lot of twist and turns and how Lacey was able to give love a other chance, and how she even began to under stand how she had also made mistakes not just Ail.only promble I had was it did say how the killer got way from the police ,maybe I missed that part but still a good story to read.with that said I would like to say thinks to the author and Netgalley for giving me the chance to read Sight Lines.