So here are the five books that I’ve either read or I’m still reading for the TBRTakeDown Read A Thon that started on June the 1st and ends June the 7th as well as use them for the five challenges, which are:

1st: Read a book that’s been on your TBR for over a year: Cruise The Storm ( only read 25 pages in it,, because I wasn’t looking it at all won’t be finish it}

2nd challenge: Read unread book in a series on your TBR shelf: The Titian’s Curse ( only I had already read it ,...and didn’t make it off my TBR list,so I think this one I failed at)

3rd challenge: First Book in a series on your TBR shelf : Blue Fairy Book #1 { still reading it because there’s 37 different stories in it and so far I’ve read on 7 of them, hoping to read more up till June 7th then I’ll those page with the rest of the pages I read so far for this read a thon)

4th challenge : Read an out of comfort book on your TBR shelf: The Amulet: The Stonekeeper #1( this one because its way out of my comfort zones ,manly because as I was growing up I never did read anime, comics or graphic novels)

5th challenge: read a book from your most recent book haul: The Slizzers ( didn’t like it ,goo thing it was free on Bookshut because I wouldn’t have paid for this book) So that’s all for this update at this time.