April's TBR List

So here is the TBR list for the month of April, there is so far only 23 books on it since I'm going to be trying to read a lot of my books that are series, some even are nook and kindle books that have books 1-3 in them ,or like my nook book   Oz: The Complete Collection - Wonderful Wizard of Oz (All 14 Oz Books) since it has all fourteen books ,I'm going to read at lest the first seven books and then see if I can get to the rest of them before the month is out if not then i'll finish reading them next month of them . one of my Kindle books even has 10 books in it ,plus one of my books the author asked me to read and review it.So here is my pinterest page.https://www.pinterest.com/coror02/aprils-tbr-2015-book-list/